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Family Fun This Easter: Bonus Activity!

Enjoy this special BONUS Easter activity this month! 

I recently had a conversation with a Godly couple who are now in their grandparenting stage of life. On reflecting about raising their children and now enjoying their grandchildren, they shared that the most important part of passing their faith to the next generation was being intentional.

We all realize that we can't do everything "right" or "perfectly" all the time, but when we have it in our minds to pass the faith to our kids and grandkids, we are more likely to take opportunities when they come.

I hope that this will be true for each of us in the weeks leading up to Easter. Easter can become one or two days when we go to church, sing special songs, have an egg hunt and maybe a special dinner OR Easter can be intentionally focused on talking about Jesus' amazing sacrifice and His victory over sin and death!

Enjoy this extra free activity from our families to yours. Jesus is Alive!

Bonus Easter Family Activity

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