Year End 2020

Meet Sarah. She is a single mom and new believer in Nampa, Idaho. Since quarantine precautions have been in place, her pastor’s family gave out the free Family Time activity book, “Songs from Joyland,” which is the companion to the Bible memory album by the same name (performed by Mark Hallock; more information at

After using the resource with her children, Sarah told her pastor’s wife that she’s learned more about the Bible using these Family Time activities with her children than any other way since becoming a Christian.

What a joy that WE (you, me, and all those who support Family Time) get to be a part of this kind of story. God is on the move. His Word is alive and powerful.

That’s what God’s Word does: it transforms!

Are you ready to see even more transformation?

As we bring a year like no other to a close, we are reflecting on the transformation of Family Time Training by the hand of God.

Beginning January 1, 2021, we are blessed to be bringing on a new staff person: Frank Trimble. Frank, his wife Kristen, and their two young daughters are moving to Colorado from Texas to join the Family Time team! You can read more about Frank and his family at Because of our awesome God, the Trimble’s have raised the support to fund the new position of “Director of Training and Consulting.”

Additionally, we are wrapping up the final project from our 2017 Strategic Planning: a Family Time Roadmap for families. In 2021, we’ll be focusing on this resource that will become the standard for training and equipping families with Family Time resources. For churches or individual families, the Family Time Roadmap will provide on-going support, specific goals and objectives, inspiring videos, and of course, our hands-on Bible activities.

Now is the best time to give this year! We have a matching gift of $10,000 that will be matched dollar for dollar with YOUR gift in any amount received by December 24, 2020. That means twice as many families will have the opportunity to be trained and equipped and have transforming Family Time in their homes. Twice as many parents like Sarah will have the Bible-centered, simple tools they need to disciple their children in the home.

$10,000 is on the line. Will you give generously to see God transform homes around the United States and around the globe?

Give $10… Give $50… Give $100… Give $500. 

Choose to become a Family Time Champion by becoming a monthly donor! Every gift received by December 24 will be matched up to $10,000. That positions Family Time to continue to provide low-cost and subsidized training and resources to ANY family or church that needs them.

We are on a mission to see Christ transform even more homes in 2021 – because that is what we all need more than anything else. We need Jesus.

We always love to hear from you! If you have questions about our new staff, training and activities, or the matching gift, please reach out: or 303-433-7010.

We also pray that your heart, your home, and your family will continue to be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and the study of God’s Word in this Christmas season, in 2021 and beyond. May God continue to be glorified in our generosity, our passion for family, and our love for Him.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Jenna Hallock

Executive Director

Family Time Training

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