Last month we talked about hurdles to getting started having intentional home discipleship with your children. It’s so important to know what those hurdles are and how we can get over them! Sometimes all it takes to get over a hurdle is to hear a new perspective, recognize that you’re not alone, or a clever trick to get moving in the right direction.

Our next focus is on the BENEFITS of Family Time – what is the good stuff that comes from us having intentional family worship in our homes? There is a much longer list I could share, but here are three that have been most powerful in my own parenting and home discipleship journey.

Kids learn a Biblical worldview from a young age. As you make Family Time a regular part of your family’s routine, you’ll find that children have a more complete understanding of the Bible than they would just attending church programs once or twice a week. Why is this? Because when you’re intentionally teaching at home, you’ve now created a space where you can talk about God’s Word all the time. It’s natural and normal to discuss what the Bible says about this or that. Being intentional actually makes your “unintentional” time opportunities for teaching too!

You can incorporate life lessons into your teaching time. Do you have a child dealing with a tough topic? A difficult relationship? Obvious sin issues? Because you’ve already built intentional discipleship into your family’s schedule, it is not at all odd or offensive to go to God’s Word to see how it can guide you in particular situations in your home. Plus, you can use it as an opportunity to to talk to the entire family, if needed, about something that needs to be addressed all together.

This last one is my favorite. As you intentionally disciple your kids at home through Family Time, you’re building strong family relationships that will thrive throughout the life of your family. When your kids know that they can come and talk to you about ANYTHING and that you will go to God’s Word together, pray together, and all without judgement? That’s a recipe for a healthy relationship for a lifetime.

There are other hurdles and solutions that we address in our Family Time Team curriculum. We always love to hear from you so if you want to learn more about this resource for yourself or for your church please be in touch!