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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Family Time?2020-07-08T13:36:07-06:00

Family Time is all about getting parents and children into God’s Word together! We are a ministry to churches and families to equip and support passing the Christian faith to the next generation.

Does it cost to have Family Time Training come do a training event?2020-07-08T13:30:25-06:00

Family Time Training is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and we exist to serve families. Because we are donor supported, we strive to come to any group, regardless of their ability to pay.

You might call us a “pay what you can” model. We suggest that every group consider some financial commitment if they are bringing us to speak.

As a rule, local trainings (Denver-metro area & Milwaukee area) are $250 plus travel expenses for one training. If you’d like to bring us for a multi-training event, 2-3 trainings over the same amount of days would be $500 plus travel expenses.

Only have $50 in the budget? Call us. We’ll find a way to work with you.

What is a Family Time Training event and how do I get one for my group?2020-07-08T13:29:48-06:00

We exist to serve churches and families and we LOVE to come do live training events for groups of all kinds! Our Introductory Training can be adapted to a 45-90 minute time frame (even shorter for groups like MOPS, if needed). This Introductory Training includes: a Biblical view for home discipleship, an overview of the Family Time Format (i.e. how do I make this happen in my house), and activity demonstrations.

Every participant will leave with activities they can go home and try right away with the children they love!

You can start the scheduling process by using our contact page. We’ll get back to you within 2 business days (and usually a lot sooner!).

What is the Family Time activity?2020-07-08T13:29:19-06:00

Every Family Time activity is a fun, hands-on Bible lesson designed to be done in about 20 minutes, once a week, at home. Leaders are encouraged to read the lesson ahead of time, gather any needed supplies, and use the Family Time Format. The activity has bolded words so you know just what to say!

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