For Parents

Parents, we know life is busy. That’s why we’ve created the Family Time Format.

You can do most of our Family Time activities in about 20 minutes, and we hope you’ll carve out time once a week. Once you do a few lessons, you’ll find the kids are asking for more! Below are a few key steps that we think will help you to make the most of your time together in God’s Word.

In addition to creating this format for busy families with young children, we continue to develop Family Time activities to suit a variety of ages and learning styles to keep your Family Time simple and effective! Shop our online store for activity books and boxes (yep, we fill them with the supplies you need to do the activities!) or check out Total Access: our online membership with hundreds of activities to choose from. Just click and go!

For Grandparents

Grandmas and grandpas are critically important to passing on the faith to the next generation. Whether you live down the street or across the country, YOU can have an impact on your grandchildren for Christ!

Consider making time once a month or once a week to have intentional, spiritual training with your grandchildren. Do they want to play Hide and Seek? Turn it into a chance to teach how we are God’s sheep and he comes to find us when we wander off.

How about a game of tag to teach that God is our strong tower?

Older kids can learn about how the Gospel writers had different perspectives using a Rubic’s Cube, some paper, and markers.

Do you worry about a child who seems to get easily angry? Use soda and iced tea to show how “blowing up” effects others. (This is an outdoor activity.)

If you’re talking on the phone or over FaceTime or Zoom, consider sending them some simple supplies in advance and doing an activity together. Or, simply ask how you can be praying for them.

There is nothing too small when it comes to showing your grandchildren that you love God and you want them to know and love God too.

Want more information? Email Jenna at, call our toll-free number (866-433-7010) OR check out our Featured Favorite Activities to get started!