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Check out some of the amazing ministries we partner with to serve families and churches!

Family Friendly Partners Network

Family Friendly Partners Network (FFPN) exists to train and equip churches to partner with homes to strengthen and pass on faith in Jesus Christ to this generation and those that follow.

FFPN provides holistic family ministry training to pastors, church staff, and lay leaders.  These church leaders are trained to lead their congregations in a process to include in their mission, program and structure a church-wide passion, knowledge, and resource base for building strong Christian homes and marriages so families are better equipped to share the love of Christ with the next generation.

Home Pointe

Discover how you can reach and disciple busy families.


Record producer turned musicianary.

I used to make music for Disney. Before that, I produced gangster rap. Yeah, it definitely wasn’t church music, but it’s helped me see that there’s a message in our culture—and it’s not life-giving.

Now I dedicate all I do to getting Scripture to those who hear very few positive messages—and I use some of those modern musical styles to do it!

National Center for Biblical Parenting


Every child is unique and special. Significant weaknesses in a child can hinder their ability to get things done or respond well to correction. This is usually an indication of a heart problem that needs to be addressed.

Instead of reactive parenting, strategies are used to bring about change on a deeper level. When you focus on the heart, good things happen. Sounds great, right? Not so fast.

Understanding the heart is the first step you’ll want to take. We’d love to show you how. Check out some of the solutions on the next page to further strengthen your parenting toolbox…and learn a lot more about the heart of your child and your own heart as well.

Noble Warriors

While we delight in serving men directly, ultimately we believe that the responsibility for discipling men rests on the local church. Our mission then, is to serve pastors and leaders in local churches as they invest strategically in men.

Visionary Family

The church in the United States is facing a crisis. George Barna’s research from 2013 indicates that 59% of twenty-somethings have stopped attending Christian churches, even though they were active at church during their teen years. Through our own research in churches around the country we have found that 2 out of 3 of our empty-nest parents have at least one child not walking with the Lord.

But the Holy Spirit is on the move and God is around the world, turning the hearts of parents to their children, and the hearts of children back to their parents. God is inspiring fathers to become the loving spiritual leaders of their families and renewing in mothers the priority of their ministry at home. God is bringing hope to hopeless marriages and bringing prodigal children home!