We’re thrilled to join your family as you point your children to Christ this Easter season! Here are all of the supplemental materials for your “Celebrate” Family Lent Guide.

Activity 1:

Mission Cards - Celebrate (8 downloads ) (Bonus Activity: Secret Agent Helpers)

Activity 5:

Shaving Cream egg demo

A few notes on this one.

  1. Yes, our purple ended up looking too brown. If you can find purple food coloring, that would be much easier than mixing blue and red!
  2. We found that nestling the eggs in the shaving cream worked much better than trying to roll them. Use a plastic knife or similar to cover the eggs.
  3. We also found that you get some color in “a few minutes” but much bolder colors if you let the eggs sit for HOURS. Whatever you do, don’t wipe the eggs with a wet cloth or rinse in water. You’ll lose all of your color. Just use a dry rag or paper towel.
  4. Lastly, use kitchen gloves when working with the dye tot keep your fingers from getting colored too!


Activity 6:

Foil boats and coins demo

Activity 7:

Ascension-Day-Party-Planner.pdf (353 downloads )