For Trainers

Everything you need to complete the four steps to a successful 30-Minute Program designed to introduce Family Time to your group. To help celebrate independent trainings happening around the world, we ask you to contact us for credentials that will give you access to the training materials hyperlinked below. THANK YOU!

*NOTE: If you are interested in a longer version of this program, click HERE.

1. Three Weeks In Advance of the Program

A. Do one activity per week for three weeks in your home. Parent(s) and child(ren) together. Use these three activities:

B. Watch the “About Us” video. Then, check out these short family activity videos that you can also share with your group.

C. Contact us for an exclusive discount code for your group to order books at Other options include:

Option #1: You can buy Family Time Activity books in bulk (10 or more mix and match) at a discount (30%) and make money for your group! Request our Bulk Order Form.
Option #2: You can buy one of each book as samples for group members to review and have them place individual orders. You can print copies of the Individual Order Form.

2. One Week in Advance of the Program

A. Make Copies

  • Handout to be placed on Meeting Tables
    • Introduction to Family Time (1 each)
  • Handouts to be placed on the Resource Table:
    • Mailing List Sign-up Sheet (1 for every 5 people)
    • Order forms (1 each)
    • Copies of demonstrated activities (1 each)

B. Gather Materials for Object Lesson Demonstrations

3. Day of Presentation

A. Set-up Meeting Room

B. Present Family Time Program
*See table below as a guide.

C. Resources

A Guide for Your Personal Family Time Training
Length of segment
Content of segment
5 min. Your personal story.

  • How did you first hear about Family Time?
  • What was your reaction to the message?
  • What do you remember from the message?
  • Share experience from using the lessons at home.
5 min.
“About Us” Family Time video
5 min.
Family Time Format

Quickly go over the structure for an in-home Family Time

7 min.
2-3 Activity Demonstrations

  1. Repentance
  2. Choose Praise
  3. Knock Sin Out of Your Life
1 min. Close in Prayer

C. Small Group Discussion Questions

4. Complete Our Feedback Form