You’ve received your Famtime “An Advent Journey” Family Advent Box… now what?

Advent is a celebration of anticipation of the birth of Jesus Christ that has been observed through Church history starting 4 Sundays before Christmas Day. This year, the first Sunday in Advent in Sun, Nov 28.

You can start YOUR “Advent Journey” this day and continue each Sunday until Sun, Dec 19. Sundays don’t work? Pick a day that works best for your family. Alternatively, do one each day for 4 days leading up to Christmas Eve.

All of the supplies you need are included in the Famtime Box gifted to you by Mr. Ron and the ECE team!

We pray this is helps keep your family centered on Christ this Christmas season and creates opportunities to slow down and enjoy the gift of JESUS.

If you want more details, ideas on how to make Family Time happen, and encouragement for your Advent season, check out this video from Frank Trimble, Family Time Director of Training and Consulting: