I met Dr. Williams years ago through a recommendation from a mutual friend. I was in an early season of exploration in family ministry and I was hungry for guidance. Our first meeting was over a Zoom call in which I asked him too many questions. However, he was gracious, kind, and stayed with me. Eventually, in my previous church, we were able to bring him in to lead our annual marriage and family conference through his organization called Gospel Family Ministries (gospelfamily.org). The experience was incredible! Eventually, I had Dr. Williams as one of my Family Ministry professors at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. This was such a wonderful turn of events as I already knew this man and his heart for biblical home-discipleship training.

This book played an important role in my growth as a family minister and equipped me as a husband and father in so many new ways. I’m excited to recommend this resource to you and your church. Here are my top five quotes from this valuable book:

1. “This should be the aim of every household. Just as Joshua pointed the people to a long history of God’s goodness and unswerving, steadfast presence and provision, our families are to highlight Christ and the gospel, giving unbroken testimonies of his presence in our lives.” (29)

2. “Gospel Families will never emerge accidentally. Gospel Families don’t happen by chance, and neither does spiritual leadership. It takes boldness. It requires commitment. It calls for intentionality.” (33)

3. “We need heads of homes that will seek Jesus, welcome him into their family situations, repent of sin, and find the freedom of forgiveness. This is how shattered foundations are made new.” (55)

4. “If you want to divide your home, then allow favoritism. If you want to preach a works-based gospel to your family, then demonstrate love based on what they do for you. We are desperate for Gospel Families who replace works-based favoritism with the grace-based Gospel of Jesus Christ.” (120-121)

5. “Family Worship will never be easy. It will always require sacrifice. It will always cost us something. If we mean to gather our family for times of worship, if we aim to lead our household to worship Christ and exalt his name regularly, we will have to sacrifice time, comfort, and schedules. Oh, but let us remember, and let us celebrate, that this sort of discipline is far greater than physical discipline, for this discipline, Family Worship, will prove to be a Kingdom investment with eternal blessings.” (137)

This book includes reflection questions for readers and would be a great resource for parents to go through in a small group setting or as a couples devotional. Readers are given practical advice, but Dr. Williams is always quick to root that advice in God’s word. I also really enjoy how his instruction always gleans from appropriate examples in Church history.

You’ll be able to tell that Dr. Williams believes what he is writing. Also, you should know that this man practices what he preaches and is vocally reliant on the grace of God as a parent. I pray this resource blesses your family and your church as you seek to root your family in the glorious truth of the Gospel.

Frank Trimble
Director of Training and Consulting
Family Time Training
[email protected]