We are experiencing something wonderful and wacky in our home this year in hybrid learning! A hybrid
schedule means our children go to school two days a week in-person, have two asynchronous days of
school online at home, and one synchronous day of school online at home. Some of us are still treading
water in this schedule, so to keep us above water, here are some fun tips and tricks I’ve gleaned from
homeschool friends and things that are working with my own kids.

In-Person Day Tips and Tricks:
 Pack your children’s lunch the night before – put some extra fun treats that are easy to eat
 Keep to a stricter bedtime the night before in-person days to make waking up easier.
 Get as much home making and work done as you can while your children are at school, but
don’t stress yourself. Your children could use a brain break to help you clean house when they
are doing asynchronous school at home!Asynchronous Day Tips and Tricks:
 Set a starting time but be flexible. There is no reason for anyone to start their day stressed over
starting school.
 Celebrate random holidays (October 17 th is National Pasta Day {Ramen for lunch and lasagna for
dinner, anyone?} ; October 28 th is Plush Animal Lovers Day… let your kiddo have a stuffy sitting
next to him/her for school).
 Have fun special snacks and treats at home your children can’t eat at school (caramel apple or
apple slices to dip in peanut butter or caramel, pigs in a blanket, etc).
 Work in a Family Time Training Activity during the day to change things up and use your extra
special time to be spiritually intentional with your children home!
 Do a devotional with your children at breakfast time… or your Family Time Activity!
Synchronous Day Tips and Tricks:
 If you have more than one child on video meetings at the same time, make sure they are in
different rooms or areas of the house so both (or all) children can hear well.
 Sit your child with a wall or window as the background so there aren’t people walking back and
forth behind him/her distracting others during the meeting.
 Plan to eat lunch together, if possible. It’s good for your child to have a face-to-face connection
beyond the screen! Make it something you can make together on days when you have a longer
 Celebrate when the day is done by doing something WITHOUT a screen (playing soccer in the
backyard, going to the library to pick up books you preordered).
And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you
will abound in every good work. 2 Corinthians 9:8

Take a moment to think strategically about the time you have your children home with you during the week. Make a plan to be more intentional about your times together during the week!