Let’s Get Started

Thanks for stopping by! How are things going? Have you enjoyed doing a Family Time activity or two since we saw you? We hope so!

This page is your one-stop for encouragement and more FREE goodies to help you get started. Below, you’ll find four more activities to try over the next four weeks. Repetition is great for younger kids, so if there’s one they just looooove, don’t be afraid to do that one more than once!

Step 1: Download your activities.

Blinded By Sin
Family Mission Statement

Plus, get your printable version of the Family Time Format (Eat, Review, Sing, Pray, & Learn!)

Step 2: Be Encouraged!

Listen to the stories of these families who have used Family Time activities and the impact it had on their family…

“{Family Time} was recommended to us at a parenting seminar. Glad we bought it for the fresh ideas. We want our children to know how real God is and these activities help us express it in little ways.” ~SigningMom
“Love the level of creativity is showing a Biblical lesson in a practical easy to comprehend lesson for my kids. They love these!” ~Andrea
“Our family had already been doing devotions every night, but we decided to add Family Time once a week for the kids. It has really helped bring the Bible alive. We made an ark out of a huge box, and the kids – even the dog – got into the action. We’ve had races, went around being blind, “gleaned” snacks like Ruth. The kids ask for Family Time every Sunday, and it has become such a highlight for them. God bless you guys!!!” ~Lisa

Step 3: Earn Your Prize!

When you’ve done four activities (ANY four activities, not just the ones listed above), come back and CLICK HERE. It will take you to a brief survey that once completed will earn you an exclusive Family Time Prize Pack!

Step 4: Give So Another Family Can Grow Too.

If Family Time is making a difference in your family, help us to reach even MORE families! A gift of $25 allows us to support families with free materials and training events just like you’ve experienced. Consider becoming a monthly donor to keep helping all year long!