Though Lori has been active in ministry for many years, my first exposure to her came at one of Family Time’s first podcast recordings. From the moment I met Lori, I knew that she had a passion to help families in the name of Jesus. 

Lori’s years of training and personal experience have culminated in many resources that are relentlessly practical, realistic, and hopeful. 

In this month’s Top 5 blog, I want to take a look at one of her most recent books. In Messy Hope, Lori is refreshingly honest and seems to jump right into issues that many face but are afraid to talk about. 

Although it is always hard to limit these blogs to 5 quotes, here’s my best shot:

  1. “Learn to say your best yes. This is challenging if you do not know your own needs. There are many good things, but not all good things are God’s assignment for us.” (40)
  2. “We have a choice: doom and gloom or hope and opportunity. Realism and positivity can occur in tandem. Children who receive affirming, life-giving messages are more likely to confidently pursue God’s purpose for their life.” (52)
  3. “There are those who believe mental illness is the result of an immature faith. Not so; all we need to do is read Psalms, Ruth Lamentations, or the book of Job and hear the cries of anguish contained in these books. Anxiety, depression, loneliness, and fear were experienced by our biblical heroes.” (75)
  4. “Because we are created in the image of our Creator, we are worthy, valuable, loveable, capable, and purposeful. There is hope because the Creator chose to create you and me. He made us and our kids on purpose, in His image, for His glory.” (88)
  5. “If you want to increase spiritual nourishment and strength, weave worship, the Word, and prayer into your family life. Let seeking Him and His way become second nature rather than a last resort.” (157)

As with any of these Top 5 blogs, I encourage you to purchase the book and read these quotes in their larger context. I feel that many different audiences could benefit from this resource. Parents of young kids can be redirected from a path of perfectionism and embrace the fact that life won’t always be smooth. Adjusting your expectations can help you and your family when difficult times approach. Maybe you’re a parent of grown kids and you feel a sense of guilt. This book offers very practical help for you. 

My favorite part about the book is Lori’s commitment to honesty and hope. Yes, life won’t always be easy but we serve the Living God who promised to never leave or forsake us. 

Our FamTime Podcast episode featuring Lori will premiere on January, 26th 2022. We hope you tune in!

Frank Trimble

Director of Training and Consulting

Family Time Training

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