Thanks for joining us again as we work our way through the Legacy Coalition, “My Declaration” for Grandparents to unpack key ideas in being a grandparent who will guide their grandchildren to know and love Jesus by example.

What does it mean to “nurture their nature?” Having raised your own children, you know that each child is unique. They have their own personality, dispositions, and way of thinking and learning. There are ways about them that are simply their NATURE.

Some children are:
Drawn to the outdoors
Good in the kitchen
Fond of animals
Friendly to everyone
More reserved
Prone to messiness

The list could go on and on, but hopefully these descriptions are getting you thinking about the nature of your grandchildren. What have you noticed about their nature? Refrain from judging their nature as “good” or “bad.” Simply make note of it. As a grandparent, you play an important role in nurturing your grandchildren in so many ways. Today, think of how you can nurture your grandchildren in a specific area of their nature.

Are you particularly gifted musically and can share that gift with a grandchild who is showing a musical nature? Maybe you see their thoughtfulness and can coach them in opportunities to be intentional in their thoughtfulness (writing cards to family members or visiting someone in the hospital).

What is at the root of this kind of care for our grandchildren? Our love for Christ. The care we show to our grandchildren is an extension of God’s care for us. He loves us and wants what is best for us (not necessarily what WE *think* is best for us). As you tune into the nature of your grandchild, ask God to help you nurture those gifts that are from Him. Ask Him to show you opportunities to bless your grandchild with your nurture, love, and care.