How many weeks did you spend preparing for Christmas? You likely decorated your house inside and out, made special holiday feast foods, bought and wrapped gifts, and even wore specific clothing (Christmas shirts and socks, fuzzy red and green slippers, etc.). 

Hopefully you did one of Family Time Training’s awesome advent studies to prepare your children’s hearts to celebrate the birth of our Savior, too. If you haven’t seen these great studies, it’s never too late to prepare for next year! You can find them here.

As important as Christmas is, it’s His death and resurrection that makes His birth significant!

Jesus’ death and resurrection make His birth significant!

Easter is just around the corner. It’s almost time to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord! 

Maybe you’ve started decorating for Easter and making meal plans to celebrate with your family. You might be planning what things to hide in eggs or baskets, what delicious foods to enjoy together, and even what your family will wear to church that day.

Preparing to Celebrate

What plans do you have to prepare your family’s hearts to celebrate the moment Jesus sealed their eternal salvation?

Hopefully you’ve been doing a Lent study with your family, if not, there’s still time to grab the Celebrate: A Family Easter Guide Through 7 Attributes of Jesus! Even if you only have time to do one family activity before Easter, you can use the other activities at different times of the year! 

Total Access opens up a whole other world of opportunities for making God’s Word engaging and fun no matter what time of year it is! It can be hard to decide which of all the wonderful resources available to use to train your children. It delights us that you found Family Time Training. We love your family and your children and want to make sure you have all the tools you need to train them to love Him and share the good news of His love with others, too!

We’re praying for you as you train your children! May this Easter season be one where each of your family members gives special time and attention to your Savior, pointing others to Him, too!

He is not here; He has risen just as He said. Come and see the place where He lay. Matthew 28:6

What will you do to prepare your children’s hearts to celebrate Easter this year?