Bible Basics Boat

Bible Basics Boat


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This set of 4 Family Time activities is designed especially for preschoolers and the lessons can be done over and over again! You’ll learn The Books of the Bible, the 1o Commandments, the 12 Disciples, and the Apostles’ Creed.

12 in stock (can be backordered)



Set sail with the “Bible Basics Boat” where together we’ll learn the 10 Commandments, anchor our hearts to the Apostle’s Creed, rock the boat with the amazing stories of Jesus’ 12 disciples, and explore the vast sea of the books of the Bible – Genesis to Revelation. 

Ahoy, mates! We’re off on another adventure with God’s Word. This set of 4 Family Time activities uses boat imagery to help all members of the family learn together. 

We will take the helm by learning the Books of the Bible – because this steers the ship so we don’t get lost at sea.

We will fill our sails with the 10 commandments using simple hand-motions to keep us on course.

Picture the 12 disciples of Jesus as little dinghy’s enduring rough waters as they serve their Savior.

Finally, we’ll drop our anchor to learn the Apostle’s Creed and relax as we enjoy these important reminders of the Christian faith.

This activity book uses boat imagery to add to the fun, but incorporates a variety of learning techniques to help young children grasp and even memorize these key concepts such as felt board of Bible books and sorting the disciples with color and letter cues.

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