There is a LOT of work that needs to be done to prepare my home for summer with my kiddos home! I can’t wait to have them home and am so excited for the big chunk of time together. Cleaning and organizing our home is one of my roles in our family. I know that as soon as they are home, I will just want to be with them instead of cleaning the house while they are playing and having fun without me. I need to toss out some of my things to get ready for them to be here with me.
Though cleaning goes much quicker when I do it myself, I realize that I need to be training my children how to take care of their homes, their relationships, and their things. So, I am preparing to toss out my “Mommy’s Way is the Only Way” mentality. I will train them how to do their responsibilities and then let them carry out my expectations their way. If the bathroom gets cleaned and the towel is tossed on the sink instead of folded… the bathroom is still clean and it takes 2 seconds for me to fold the towel. Think of all the connecting time I would lose if I choose to chastise my child about him not folding the towel instead of praising him for the sparkling mirror and bathtub.
I need to toss out my “Me Time” mentality and realize that my desire to do whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it will have to yield to what things are best for our whole family to do. I want to make sure that my time with my kiddos is intentional and not just us spending the entire summer near each other with me doing my own thing and them doing theirs.
I need to toss out my “Adoring Sibling Behavior Expectation.” When they are together, there will be arguments. My children being together and learning to work things out is part of how I train them in their future relationships. I don’t need to swoop in with my apron around my neck like a cape and save the day. I can be available to help them resolve conflicts when asked, but it’s good for them to learn to communicate their needs with each other and work through conflict.
Spring cleaning this year looks a lot more like tossing selfish expectations out the window. Maybe I’ll get my sweet kiddos to help me shine those windows as the expectations are tossed out, but I’m not putting a high priority on that expectation!

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. (Psalm 51:10)

What are some things you need to toss out the window in preparation to spend intentional, selfless time with your kiddos this summer?