I have been going through Jenna Hallock’s book, What is Family Time? Exploring God’s Plan for Engaging
in Biblical Home Discipleship. There are some awesome things I’d like to highlight. The entire book is so good and I highly recommend it! It is short enough to read in one sitting or use as a 9-day devotional with a journal and pen beside you. Please check out this resource if you haven’t already!

Jenna says (on page 3), “If we’re not intentionally teaching them (our children) the Truth of the Bible, what are they learning from us? They are learning what is most important by how we spend our time, spend our money, talk to one another, prioritize our relationships.”

SO RICH, isn’t it? She ends the chapter with two questions and here’s the one I want to answer today:

“What might keep you from being intentional to pass the faith at home? How can you overcome it?”

On page 1, Jenna states, “Sadly, those who grew up in Christian homes rarely have a testimony of
learning the faith in their homes… from their own parents and grandparents as the Bible instructs.”

Ugh… that fact is a gut punch, but it hits so hard because it’s true. Most American Christian parents
abdicate the responsibility of spiritually discipling their own children and hand off that responsibility to the church.

Jenna asks the reader how we learned about the Truth, right and wrong, a Biblical Worldview, sin and
forgiveness, salvation and heaven. She states. “If you grew up in a Christian home, you can probably
remember learning these things from a Sunday school teacher, at a Bible camp, at Vacation Bible School,
during a sermon, or from a Christian mentor.”

This is so true for many Christian parents. Some of us had parents who shared their faith at home or
followed up with us about what we were learning in Sunday school and got to pray with us to start our
relationship with Jesus, but that story is, sadly, rare! The church is supposed to support the training we are doing, not replace it.

Most of us aren’t intentionally passing the faith at home because no one taught us how to do it. How do
we over come that obstacle and/or fear? I have two answers:

1. Ask God for His guidance in discipling your children.
2. Read THIS BOOK. (Jenna doesn’t know I’m blogging about this right now, by the way!) It is SO
practical. She talks about four opportunities you have “to talk about the things of God: the Word
of God, His promises, and the things He has done.” These are the four opportunities you can
learn practical tips to apply in the book (chapter 5 – overview and ways to disciple your adult
a. Times when the family is at home together (chapter 6),
b. When you are in the car (chapter 7),
c. Nighttime routines (chapter 8), and
d. When you get up (chapter 9).

PS – Chapter 3 talks about “Overcoming Hurdles to Getting Started with Family Time” and this is the blog I wrote a couple years ago about How we started a Family Time for some more practical resources of HOW to intentionally pass our faith!

Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it. James 4:17