Let’s talk about another reason many children struggle with bedtime.


How can we help our children not be afraid of the darkness around them especially at bedtime? There is one truth we’ve taught our children that has really helped them when they were afraid of the darkness at night (whether it was staying in their own beds, walking to the bathroom at night, or even being in the basement when the rest of the family is upstairs).

In Psalm 139:12 it says, “even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.”

In context, David is talking about not being able to hide from God even in the darkness, but for our purposes, it’s helpful for our children to understand that God can see everything and is watching over them. 

When there’s a hat, puffy jacket, and snow boots in the closet that look like a scary monster, what do we do to help our children? We turn on the light and show them the truth. Most of the time, we move those items into a different spot, so the “monster” doesn’t return when we turn off the light and leave the room, as well, but most importantly…

The light illuminates the truth. 

Knowing that Jesus is the Light of the World (John 8:12) and that He can see through the darkness like a superhero is very reassuring to our children. 

Nightlights help children see most of their room and can make all the difference between a child staying in their room at night or not. We can also use nightlights to teach our children about the importance of them shining their light to illuminate the darkness around them. Being kind when others aren’t, telling someone that Jesus loves them, and inviting someone to church are all simple ways they can shine Jesus’ light for others. Even a little light defeats the darkness around it. 

Light ultimately wins. 

Here are some truths your children need to know.

  • God sees everything because darkness is as light to Him (Psalm 139:12).
  • God watches over them and never sleeps (see Psalm 121:5-6).
  • When your children sleep it’s an act of trusting God and trusting you to take care of them.

Which of these truths do your children need to hear before bedtime tonight?