No matter who wins the election, there will be people your children know who are overjoyed about the
new president and people who are upset about the outcome. Some will be hopeful about what’s to
come in the next four years from the White House and some will be concerned and anxious.

This is a wonderful opportunity to talk with your child about how to support and love people no matter
their political affiliation and voting decisions.

A woman we know stopped talking to someone we love because of who she voted for in the last
presidential election. It seemed totally reasonable to this woman to stop all contact with the offender.
She took it personally that someone would make the decision to vote for that candidate. The rejection
of our loved one stole months of time they could be connecting and supporting one another. The
relationship was restored, but our children were dumbfounded that something so trivial could come
between loved ones. I am glad our children saw it that way and not as a justified action.

We need to continue to point our children to Jesus and His never-ending love for them. People will fail
them, not meet their expectations, and, sometimes, do so knowingly. This is a great occasion to talk
about loving people like Jesus does and keeping our priorities in order.

Before we vote, we can talk to our children about the importance of voting in a way that honors God
and stays true to biblical truths. We can talk about the awesome freedom to vote for our leaders. We
can take our children with us to vote (or just drop our ballot in the box to remain socially distanced) and
model the privilege all Americans have.

Then, when the votes have all been tallied and the results are in, we are to call the president elect by his
title in honor of the office he holds. We are to respect the one God has placed in authority over our
country and teach our children to do so, as well.

If we are unhappy with the outcome, let’s make the time to train our children about showing respect
and being humble. We must continually to teach our children what the Bible says about the things that
matter as we make decisions (as free Christian Americans) every day.

Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions
of authority have been placed there by God. Romans 13:1

Pray for God to give you wisdom training your children to respect authority no matter the outcome this election and all the elections yet to come.