Being raised by two teachers, I have a unique sensitivity to my children’s teachers. I know they have lives beyond the classroom and are just normal people.
Whenever our children are having a miscommunication or frustration with a teacher, we try to help them see things from their teacher’s perspective as best we can. We encourage them to have grace and be attentive to their teachers’ needs. We are our children’s cheerleaders, but also expect them to do the right things in class to honor God by the way they treat their teachers and classmates.
We sent our children into the public-school system on purpose because we believe God has called our entire family to be missionaries where we live. We have had struggles with teachers who weren’t believers and had to help our children understand their lack of knowledge of the truth. We have also had struggles with teachers who said they were believers and didn’t act that way. Our favorite experiences have been with believing teachers and administration who have prayed for and encouraged our children’s faith in a non-Christian environment.
The third Love Your Neighbor Challenge is to “Write an Encouraging Note to Your Teacher or School Administration.” What a cool challenge! It’s especially fun for teachers and administration to get a note of thanks when it’s not Teacher Appreciation Week or Valentine’s Day! The note to a non-believing teacher could be, “You are Loved and not just by me!” The note to a believing teacher could be, “We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19 Thanks for showing His love this year!”
Don’t forget the Educational Assistants, Lunch Staff, Janitor, and Specials Teachers! They always need a little encouragement, too! Whoever your children choose to encourage, remind them that they are showing Jesus’ love to that person and challenge them to continue to be a good example of His love to everyone at school!
If your children are homeschooled, this is a fun opportunity to bless the people in your neighborhood or your children’s coaches or group leaders with a note of encouragement!

We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19

Share with your children who your favorite teacher or school administrator was and why. Take a moment to pray for that person and pray for the teachers or school workers your children are going to encourage.