As all of us are adapting to our ‘New Normal’, we have new opportunities to: build special memories with our children, start new habits/routines, observe their learning styles, have fun, teach life lessons, and be ambassadors for Christ. We need to savor this unexpected time together for it can have impact on many aspects of our children’s future lives.

But often the stress, the daily changing news, financial issues and health concerns can tend to rob our joy.

I encourage you to change how you look at things each day and GAZE at God and his promises, and just GLANCE at all the outside issues. Hopefully this poem will help you refocus that gaze as you do daily chores while treasuring your gifts from God, your children.


I’ve started a new habit that is getting me through my week.
While doing my normal chores I’m praising You, the One I seek.

I praise you Lord, for my children, who get dirty having fun at play.
I focus on their growth and strength, when I’m doing laundry each day.

I praise you Lord, for my children, who are growing tall from food they eat.
I focus on their health, while washing dishes and wiping crumbs off their seat.

I praise you, Lord, for my children, who are finally sleeping through the night.
I focus on their growing changes, when I’m tucking clean sheets in tight.

By choosing to change my gaze, praising and thanking You in this new way,
I find my load is lighter; I almost look forward to chores each day.

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