I first learned about Mark Matlock through his ministry with a two day retreat called Planet Wisdom. Immediately, I felt Mark’s passion for youth ministry and apologetics. After hearing his name a few times after that, I looked up some of his material. Raising Wise Children was a title that stuck out to me. I did not have kids at the time, but I thought the parents connected to my youth group might benefit from a book like this. Now that God has blessed by wife and me with two little girls, this book has become a trusted resource to return to. 

As always, it was very hard to narrow my list down to five quotes. However, I hope these five provide motivation to purchase this book for yourself. I believe you’ll be encouraged, informed, and challenged:

  1. “As a parent, you’ll influence your child’s thinking processes greatly by the kinds of stories you tell, the stories you expose them to, and the way you help them process all the other stories that make it to the screening room of their minds.” (59)
  2. “As much as kids say they don’t like boundaries, that’s exactly the atmosphere in which they thrive. They feel a sense of security knowing those limits are in place and that those barriers will be removed only when it’s appropriate.” (93)
  3. “Our kids will need to validate everything we’ve taught them, and they’ll need to round out some areas we didn’t see or address. The mentor can actually accelerate the formation of wisdom in our kids’ lives. We shouldn’t be threatened–we should begin praying for them to come into our kids’ lives.” (138)
  4. “Are we surrounding our kids and ourselves with people who reinforce God’s wisdom–or people who oppose it with a counterfeit version of wisdom.?” (139)
  5. “You can’t transfer to your children what you don’t possess. And you can’t expect them to value what you don’t value.” (145)

Mark’s writing style is honest and realistic while possessing highly accountable information. This book is very practical and it provides great ideas for your home. In addition, Mark is a researcher, which provides a level of confidence that can be hard to find.

The wisdom found in God’s word is alive and active and inspired by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, it is more than applicable today. I hope that your church and your family pick this book up and consider what Matlock has to say. This book could become something you find yourself revisiting every year!


Frank Trimble

Director of Training and Consulting


[email protected]